In a world increasingly challenged by security threats, the need for comprehensive locking systems has become an essential requirement in virtually every market sector. From private corporate buildings to public institutions such as Hospitals and Schools and Universities, there is a growing demand for superior locking solutions that address a wide range of complex and sensitive issues.

What is Master Key System? 

A master key system makes it possible to control access within your property, and reduce the number of keys each individual must carry to just one. A master key system can be designed with multiple levels, to grant varying degrees of access to employees.

Put simply, a master keyed lock is a lock that is designed to be opened by individual keys, but can also be opened by using a master key.


To re-key or master key?

When it comes to commercial security needs, keys are always at the very heart of the matter.

How many keys do we require? How do we manage and distribute the keys? Should staff be able to access all areas of the building? What are our security risks?

These are all questions that confront business owners, landlords, property managers, body corporates and the like when assessing their keying and security requirements.

A Master Key System may be the answer you’re seeking!

At Grid Locks Locksmiths, we have the expertise and knowledge to design and implement master key systems, according to your needs and budget.. We follow strict guidelines to ensure a keying system is not comprised, by verifying that the authority criteria has been met prior to keys being issued. Aside from convenience, our master key systems also offer great security potential. Not only are the locks of our systems designed to provide first-rate security, the master keys we supply can’t be copied without your and our consent, preventing problems that may be caused by unauthorized master key duplication

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