Locked out or need an emergency locksmith right away? Grid Locks Locksmiths are night and day Mobile locksmiths in Canberra. We service all suburbs of Canberra and Queanbeyan. Call us now for24/7 mobile emergency locksmith services in Woden and we will be there as soon as possible

We can provide any lockout services you need and we’ll also tell you how much it will cost up front. That’s an immediate service without having to worry about the prices for your service call.

Some Useful Tips If You’re Locked Out

Being locked out can be an incredibly frustrating and stressful experience. We’d like to give you some simple but useful tips about managing the situation:

  1. Don’t try to force the lock: Because modern locks are very tough, you may end up damaging the door without even getting in. If you damage the lock, it may also need to be replaced, meaning two extra expenses and costs you don’t need. Forcing the door is just not worth it. Instead, call our experts immediately.
  2. Check and see if you’ve actually lost your keys: If you have lost your keys you may need new ones cut, so double check your car or anywhere else they might be just in case. We can cut you new keys if required. A new set of keys is always a good investment – if your original set turns up later, you will have spare keys for emergencies or your family, meaning your money is never wasted!

Have you called our emergency locksmith team on 02 6169 6575? Our Canberra mobile locksmiths  van is on its way, fully equipped with experts and all the lock and key services you need. Our night and day locksmiths will take care of your lockout right away!