Grid Locks offers fixed prices for our services so that you know how much our service will cost prior to calling us.
Below are the fees for some of our most common services

Please note ALL attendance to a site by our staff incur a service call ( between $100 – $150 )


This is the cost for Grid Locks to come to your home or business and open the locked door for you:

  • Business Hours (7am to 5pm) $150.00
  • After Hours (5pm to 7pm) $175.00
  • After hours (7pm to 9pm) $250.00
  • After hours (9pm to 12am) $200.00
  • After hours (12am to 7am) $280.00
  • Sat/Sun/Public Holidays (7am to 7pm) $170.00
  • Sat/Sun/Public Holidays (7pm to 12am) $200.00
  • Sat/Sun/Public Holidays (12am to 7am) $280.00

All prices are labour only, additional parts and labour will incur further costs


More common services we provide during Business Hours (7am to 5pm) Weekdays include:

  • Supply + install domestic key in knob set $105.00
  • Supply + install commercial key in knob set $126.00
  • Supply + install Lockwood 001 deadlatch $285.00
  • Supply + install Lockwood 005 deadbolt $285.00
  • Supply + install BRAVA Deadbolt $230.00
  • Re-key single sided lock $50.00
  • Re-key double sided lock $60.00
  • Re-key Gainsborough Trilock $80.00

Prices subject to change After Hours, on Weekends & or Public Holidays.