Covid-19 On-site Hygiene

At Grid Locks Locksmiths, we are acutely aware of the risks around getting tradesmen to your homes
during this pandemic.

We, like everyone else in the world are very aware of the risks around putting both our staff and our
customers at any risk and during this pandemic we have take the following measures:

  • Social distancing – we stay at least 1.5m away from people at all times
  • Gloves – we wear disposable gloves while working
  • P2 Face masks – we wear face masks in peoples homes where ‘at risk’ people live.
  • Hand sanitizer – All of the staff at Grid Locks Locksmiths have hand sanitizer and use it
    before, during and after working on our customers homes.
  • Surface wipe down – When finished working on any surface we will wipe that surface with a
    disinfectant wipe to ensure their cleanliness.

Some of these things may seem extreme, but we do not want to get sick or be responsible for
anyone else getting sick either.

We hope that all of our customers stay safe and well.
We’re all in this together