Benefits of Deadbolts in your Home

There can be many things that you are thinking about boosting your home security. This may involve changing the locks with a more sophisticated one or having a labrador to smell the thieves.

Though an alarm system or a guard dog may improve your security, locksmiths belconnen, locksmiths say a quality deadbolt is the best resistance to a home burglary. In most cases, Intruders use force to gain entry into a home. A deadbolt has a steel bolt that extends into the door jamb and strike plate of the door frame that makes the door harder to enter with force. If your deadbolts are used and working properly, this makes your home a less desirable target.

The three basic parts of a deadbolt lock are a key accessible cylinder on the outside, the throw or bolt that slides in and out of the door jamb and the thumb turn that allows for manual control of the bolt from the inside of the home. All deadbolt locks should be made of steel, bronze, or brass. Avoid die cast materials which can break apart.

Types Of Deadbolts

Single Cylinder

The most common type of deadbolt used is a single cylinder that is mounted inside the door, and operates with a twist knob on the inside of the door and a keyhole on the outside. The bolt is “dead” because you have to manually move it in and out of place by means of a key or knob. This can still be breached if an entry door has glass panels since an intruder can break the glass and open the deadbolt from the inside.

Double Cylinder

The double cylinder is also mounted internally. The difference between the single cylinder and the double is that there is no twist knob, instead, both sides have a key cylinder. This is the most secure type of deadbolt because it requires a key to operate it on both sides of the door. The advantage to this is that if there is glass in or near your doorframe it cannot be broken and the intruder then able to simply reach in and use the twist knob to unlock the door. However, the criticism of a double cylinder deadbolt is that if you had to leave your residence in a case of emergency, a fire for example, it would take more time to find and use the necessary key.

Keyless Deadbolt

This lock is also mounted on the inside of the door but has a keypad instead of a keyhole where you type in a secret pin code of your choosing. The advantage of these is that you do away with the need for a key altogether. So, there’s no chance of ever having your key stolen or misplaced again. And if want to be cautious, or if you think someone has learned your combination, you can change it immediately and with ease as often as you like. The key advantage of a deadbolt is the unique locking mechanism gives you the utmost protection against forceful physical attack. While standard locks may be forcibly unlocked using crowbars; or knifes as they operate on sprint mechanism, deadbolts are nearly impossible to break in this manner. The deadbolt lock requires a lot of time to break in and is tougher to open so it leaves the decision on the intruder that whether to break in to house or not as this increases the chances of him being spotted or caught.

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