I Need to Know – Will a Locksmith Damage My Locks?

You may be surprised to hear this, but many people question whether a locksmith is the right person for their locks. Homeowners and building managers believe that locksmiths may damage their locks.

It’s a fair question to ask and the main reason people ask is due to modern locking systems. These complex systems have multiple components, increasing the chance for things to go wrong.

Fortunately, the brief and simple answer to this question is that a quality Master Locksmith will not harm your locks. Damaging locks isn’t just unpopular with customers, it also reflects poorly on the wider profession. There’s almost nothing worse than having to fix lock repair problems that were created by sloppy workmanship.

Today we’re going to put this issue to rest and explain some of the main risks that a Master Locksmith will avoid.

What Are the Risks?

A modern locking system contains a range of interlocking components. All of these components need to be working properly at all times.

Potential issues include:

  • Lock quality: Some locks, especially cheaper locks, barely do the job at all. They’re usually not good quality locks and they can be damaged easily with daily usage. Most locksmiths will tell you, quite rightly, to replace these things before they cause problems. “Damage” in these cases is a relative term; you’re better off getting a new and better lock, not trying to fix an inferior lock.
  • No-key systems: These are usually good locks when they’re sourced from top brands and they come in a staggering range of types and models. They usually don’t need much work and rather than “fix” a damaged component, the component is replaced. No risk of damage at all in these situations.
  • Deadbolts: These tough bolts can require a bit of stamina to work with. They’re designed to keep people out and that sometimes includes locksmiths. Any risk of damage, in this case, is to the locksmith’s feelings and professional pride, rather than to the lock.
  • Faulty locks: These “curses with keys” are locks that don’t work. They may have been badly installed, maybe the keys get stuck, or maybe they make more noise than your door bell. In these cases, damage isn’t done but rather the locksmith is replacing the lock for the sake of your security.
  • Disassembly: It’s necessary to check the lock and find the problems. It can take a little extra time, but it’s important to pin down any problems. Disassembly is best practice when your locksmith is being very thorough and really checking the issues but it can sometimes be mistaken for damage.

Your Warranty Rights if Your Lock is Damaged

Please bear in mind that if your lock is damaged, or still doesn’t work properly, the work is covered by a workmanship warranty. You can also expect your locksmiths to be very conscientious about any work they do. Hiring professional locksmiths means it’s unlikely that you will need to use your warranty.

Grid Locks Locksmiths Are Your Master Locksmiths in Canberra

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