Why It’s Important to Have Professionals Replace & Repair Your Locks

With all due respect to competent handymen and tradespeople, trying to replace or repair your own lock, particularly a modern residential lock or commercial lock, is an accident waiting to happen.

There are multiple security issues to consider and some very basic but sometimes expensive problems that you may encounter if you try to fix a lock yourself.

Basic Lock Repair and Replacement Issues

Without getting too technical, we can illustrate some of the problems with lock repairs and replacement:

Lock Repair

Consider a simple lock repair situation:

  • The lock isn’t working. Why? Has the lock been damaged in normal use or has someone damaged it – deliberately or unintentionally? Whatever the issue, you need to identify possible problems. Professional repairs will address these issues quickly.
  • Has the bolt been damaged? If so, that’s unusual and suspicious. Bolts are very tough and it takes a lot of force to damage them. This can’t be ignored. You need to check the door structure, which is best left to the professionals.
  • Has the door been damaged? That could be a significant problem. You’ll need to think about a new door as well as fixing or replacing the lock. Again, don’t try to fix this yourself. Significant damage needs professional repairs.If your lock isn’t working, never try to force the door. You can do significant damage to both the lock and door and if it’s a deadbolt you might do yourself some damage, too. After all of this, you may not even force access into your home. The best thing to do is to call for help immediately.
  • Should the lock be repaired or replaced? This means making a judgment call. Repairing a badly damaged lock can be more trouble than it’s worth in dollar terms. Replacing a lock with the same type of lock – which failed previously – isn’t a good idea. Talk to a locksmith before spending a cent.

Lock Replacement

Replacement is a simple, straightforward response to a failed lock or when you’re upgrading site security. The problem is that there are some additional issues you’ll need to consider.

Issues with lock replacement:

  • Replacing a lock can be complex. The right lock for the door with the right level of security is required. Discuss your options and ask questions. Learn about lock choices from the professionals to make an informed decision.
  • Does the lock replacement deliver the security you want? The usual, and wrong, approach to lock replacement is to replace a lock with the same type of lock. That won’t necessarily deliver proper security; if you need high security, you need to be considering top quality locks, not just any old thing.
  • Do you need multiple replacement locks? If so, consider a Keyed Alike locking system. You can use one key for multiple locks with Keyed Alike. This is much simpler, cheaper, and much less frustrating than trying to manage multiple keys. With a professional, you can easily have a keyed alike system prepared.

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