What Are the Benefits of the Keyed Alike Service?

A collection of keys on multi-coloured key rings

“Keyed Alike” is the process of having a single key for all your locks. There are some major positives to using this type of key and there are also some major misconceptions about Keyed Alike keys. In this article, we’re going to look at the benefits and dispel the misconceptions.

The Keyed Alike Basic Idea

The best way to illustrate the benefits of Keyed Alike keys is in the commercial security environment.

If you’ve ever seen the sheer number of keys used in modern commercial premises, you’ll be stunned. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of keys for each property. This is a staggeringly inefficient situation that leads to missing keys and confusion on a routine basis. With that issue alone, you have the ingredients for a messy, unmanageable situation.

The Keyed Alike idea is based on delivering solutions to the following common problems:

  1. It is absurd to have a huge number of keys for low-priority security areas like lockers and the janitor’s storage area. It is overkill as well as being highly inefficient.
  2. Managing a ridiculous number of keys is time-consuming, expensive, and it doesn’t really add much to site security.
  3. Types of locks obviously matter in different security scenarios but not all areas need high security.
  4. It is absolutely inevitable that some keys will go missing. The Keyed Alike idea is to limit the issues caused by lost keys.

As you can see, having a single key for multiple locks makes a lot of sense. You have instant access to what you need. In a lost key scenario, you can get on with the job and deal with the new key situation later. It’s easy to have a few Keyed Alike spares available and conveniently, everyone knows what they’re for.

What about Security for Keyed Alike Keys?

The following misconceptions deserve some clarification:

  • Can’t someone with a Keyed Alike key open anything? No. High-security keys are typically separate. Keyed Alike keys are used for routine lock usage, not security areas. They’re actually very good for controlling access to any part of a building and much easier to manage in any security audit.
  • How do you manage Keyed Alike keys for security purposes? Typical security protocols audit and track who has access to what keys, and when. Usually, only senior staff members have access to security keys, another good way of limiting risk.
  • What about emergencies? Keyed Alike keys are excellent in emergency situations. Because they’re available to a number of people, there’s always someone who has a key and nobody gets locked in or out in an emergency.
  • Are they expensive? Unless you have an unusually complex locking system, they’re about the same cost as any household key.
  • Are they suitable for homes? Keyed Alike locks also offer good value as security locks for residential locking systems.

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