Types of House Locks Explained

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When it comes to locks for your home, there are many different options available. Unfortunately, most people don’t know much more than the basics about how these locks work. Today we’re going to give you a quick overview of common household locks to help you decide which is most appropriate for your home.

Types of House Locks

Privacy Lockset

This type of lock has no key mechanism. Instead, it uses an interior latch or lever to open and close a bolt which locks the door to the door frame. It’s considered a “privacy” lock because it’s used for all types of interior door locks.

Entry Lockset

This type of lock includes a key mechanism and can be locked from inside and out. Typically, the lock includes a handle mechanism with a latch for added locking capacity on the inside. Entry locksets are standard around the world for all types of doors. They are relatively small, lightweight locking systems. They’re not considered a security lock but they’re effective basic door locks.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts get their name because there’s no key mechanism connection. The deadbolt is manually operated, rather than automatically during key operation. Deadbolts are true security locks. They’re typically heavy duty and the bolt enters the door frame as added locking protection. The bolts of deadbolt locks are thick and generally used on solid doors. Deadbolts are either one or two cylinder locks. (A cylinder is a mechanism which operates tumblers on locks.) Two cylinder deadbolts are considered higher security locks but may be an issue in an emergency if the door is locked.

Surface Mounted Deadbolt Locks

These very familiar locks are used in just about every type of environment. They are metal box locks which use a single cylinder locking mechanism. They have a knob and sometimes an additional latch on the lock for added security. This type of lock is considered a “mid-weight” lock, not quite as solid as heavy duty security locks but tough and effective.

Mortise locks

Mortise locks are “traditional” manual locks for door knobs. They are two-piece interior/exterior door knob locks with a key mechanism for both sides and in many cases a deadbolt. They can be locked from both sides and usually have an automatic locking mechanism on the inside. Mortise locks aren’t usually considered security locks but are dependable and quite effective when coupled with solid doors.

Night Latch

A night latch is a lightweight security lock which locks automatically, using a spring release mechanism. They are generally used in combination with other locks or as a local locking system.

Keyless Entry System

These are the new generation locks, using a combination lock rather than a key. In some cases, they’re hooked up to an alarm system if the lock combination is incorrectly entered. The combination lock is connected to a door handle, which only works when the correct combination is used.

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