How to Pick the Right Locks for Your Home


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Choosing the right locks for your home is a trickier situation than it seems. Most people, understandably, think that their home has all the locks in the right places. That’s often not the case. Home security is now more complex than ever and you might be surprised how vulnerable those basic locks can be.

The Theory of Picking the Right Locks

When selecting new locks for your home, you need to consider:

How secure is the access point? You may need new locks for your door or exterior access points like gates and windows. Obvious access points need better and more secure locks. Deadlocks, combination locks, electronic locks, or a mix of locks on a security door and main door can deliver much better security at these points.

Which access points have low security? These are typically points which aren’t main entrances and they are often very vulnerable. For example, an old 2 ply screen door isn’t likely to keep out a stray cat on a hot day, let alone a burglar. Because of this, you need to get a good lock and evaluate the vulnerabilities of your entrance. Many vulnerable access points are around the back of a house or a side door. These areas are not easy to spot if someone tries to break in and are often used to gain access for that reason.

Making Sure You Get the Right Locks

Before making any decision on what locks to get, talk to your local locksmiths. Their expertise and experience will help you fill in the blanks about possible risks.

The other reason for talking to your locksmiths is to get a clearer picture of security weak spots. An experienced locksmith will take one look at a home and see all the issues in a few minutes, separating the excellent locks from the acceptable and the security risks.

They’ll remember similar doors, similar locks, and fixing similar doors after break-ins. They’ll know why those doors were vulnerable and they’ll be able to make your access points more secure.

The other good news for homeowners is that professional locksmiths simply won’t sell you cheap and useless locks. Top brand locks are the natural preference for locksmiths, which means your master locksmith will make sure you get a better lock. These locks may be slightly more expensive, but at least you know they’re good and will need much less maintenance.

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