Should You Change All the Locks or Rekey a Recently Purchased Home?

If you’re wondering whether you should change the locks or the keys on your new home, the short answer is yes.

It’s not paranoia to want new locks for a new home. There is a range of problems and trust issues associated with keeping the old locks on your new property. Changing your locks is also a matter of improved security and future proofing for your home.

Read on below to learn about the importance of changing your keys or locks and the best solutions for you.

The Problems

When you buy a home, you also buy its problems. In older homes, in particular, security is usually one of them. Some older homes are truly insecure in terms of basics like good residential locks. It’s better to spend a few dollars and know that you’re safe, in any case.

Security weaknesses aren’t easy to spot for most people.

For example:

  • If you have a dilapidated looking door, an old lock won’t keep out anything or anyone. In this case, you should actually replace the door and the lock.
  • If you have security screen doors with old locks, the security door and the lock are unlikely to provide real security.
  • If you have brand new locks, good doors and a nice home, who else has access to those keys or locks? There’s no way to be sure and the quick way into any home is straight through the door with a key.
  • If you have obsolete old locks, they may lack the security and function to provide modern security. A new lock would be far more secure.
  • If you have electronic locks, these locks should be checked to be sure they’re in good working order. You can upgrade, change electronic settings, or simply get a brand new lock which won’t be accessible to anyone else.

The Solutions

As the homeowner, you should be the one controlling access to your home. This means having your own unique key and knowing who else has a set.

The most straightforward and most effective solutions for this revolve around home security:

  • Changing the locks gives you control of access. This option enhances your home security and allows you to upgrade to a modern lock if yours is outdated or damaged.
  • Rekeying the locks is always a good move. It’s a simple fix if the lock itself is OK and up to standard. Rekeying also means the old keys won’t work. This is a quick, cheap option; you can do it as a temporary option and upgrade your locks later if you like.

Trying to Find Locksmiths in Canberra?

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